Kusursuz Kan Grubu

Kusursuz Kan Grubu


Allah has created and designed perfectly while creating human beings. It has a perfect and unique mechanism. In order for this mechanism to deteriorate in man, extra effort must be spent and intervening outside. But except for genetic diseases, severe poisonings, accidents, physical and psychiatric traumas and other external factors. Nutrition should be measured, not to overdo, according to our blood groups to learn nutrition and liquid balance should be kept to the required level. Individual and social actions and behaviors can make us defective ...

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The only source of blood is man. Vital liquid is fool, a must for living. According to the blood group who know our blood and our group know very well, it is very important to establish Family Medicine.


My blood and I must be a whole. Everyone should know the blood group very well and it should be taught how important and necessary it is and the Ministry of Health should start the work on it.


All research is an idea that diseases play a major role in blood group. Family Medicine, according to the blood group to create and learn the blood group of children at an early age of diseases is essential for human health, is taught. Because cancer, sugar, kidney failure, heart disease can be diagnosed in advance by blood group. This is absolutely possible. I'm not a doctor to know them in need to be a doctor.


I would like to learn about what diseases we will face at a young age and to tell us that we need to take precautions for this.

Human beings will experience a healthier and more dynamic life if they are aware of childhood.


Starting from elementary school to teach our children to teach blood groups and their aprons or wristband to teach our children by structuring the future will likely encounter a healthier and more successful living in a more perfect life will be a great help.


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Blood and Blood Diseases

Blood is a vital liquid that nourishes organs and tissues of the body and removes waste. A healthy adult has 5 to 6 liters of blood; it constitutes 7-8% of the total body weight.


What are the importance and benefits of blood donation?

It’s the only liquid that’s not blood counterpart. So donating blood is equivalent to saving lives. It is also possible to donate blood and benefit your health.


What are the blood groups?

What are the blood groups? Who Can Take Blood And Who Can Give Blood? What is Blood Group? Why are Blood Groups Different? How to Write Blood Group? Who Has Blood? Who Should Not Give Blood?